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Burdett’s prides itself on its customer service. With over 40 years in business, we’ve learnt a thing or two about our customers needs. Our large 7-acre site houses everything from landscaping supplies and hardware to ready mixed concrete. We believe in developing strong customer relations by giving outstanding customer service and selling only the best quality products to you.


After the sale of our last sand quarry 50% of the land was set aside for ‘National Parks’ under the management of local and state Government.

Over 70% of production from our mining operations goes to the Garden & Turf Industry for Recreation and Sports use, onsite water treatment areas, biofilter retention and rain gardens, with the balance being used throughout the Construction Industry

Burdett’s is conscious of its environmental footprint. We believe as a business we must try and offset the effect we have on the environment to ensure future generations' prosperity.

In conjunction with Fytogreen, Burdett’s has helped give back to the environment by building vertical gardens in metropolitan areas across Australia. These gardens facilitate the offset of carbon emissions, while creating beautiful relaxation areas & habitats for natural wildlife in areas where they have been extensively diminished.

We run a fleet of modern trucks, able to carry loads from 1 metre to 130 metres.

We take an enormous amount of pride in our fleet, and are always updating vehicles to keep up with the latest technology. Our trucks have the latest European designs on emissions, which means we are doing our best for the environment.